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stem cell for chronic pain

"Within 12 hours of Stem Cell Therapy I woke and I immediately opened my eyes. I had no pain. I had been used to living with pain for every single morning for 13 years. This was the first morning I woke and had absolutely no pain."
Absolutely no pain

stem cell therapy for autism

"We saw a big change in Joseph and his condition improved a fact, he has started responding when his name is called. Now he started uttering many words and repeats words after us."
Child now responds and talks

stem cell therapy for Diabetes

"After undergoing stem cell treatment all these symptoms have ceased...My life has changed completely and now I feel so healthy that I can challenge a young man of 40"
Symptoms have ceased

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Bioscience Americas is dedicated to providing the world’s most technologically advanced stem cell treatments to patients worldwide.

Bioscience Americas and its scientific partners have successfully treated more than 12,000 patients, treating everything from chronic pain and orthopedic injuries to Diabetes, Leukemia, Alzheimer’s Disease and many more.


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By Eric Stoffers, CEO, Bioscience Americas