May 2016 - Bioscience Americas

May 2016

Antioxidants, Diabetes, and Cancer Risk

It’s practically dogma at the health food store: Substances called antioxidants, found in foods from blueberries to broccoli, are cancer’s nemesis, and the more you consume the better off you are. But hints have emerged that antioxidants are not superheroes, and in some cases may even help existing cancers grow. Now, a new study adds another twist to the story: It argues that two commonly prescribed diabetes drugs with antioxidant properties also spur metastasis, at least in cancer cells [...]

Stem Cell Treatment Helps Patient With Optic Nerve Inflammation

Sitting on the front steps of her Cockeysville, Md., home a year and a half ago, Vanna Belton was startled and thrilled when her eyes focused on a car’s license plate. Essentially blind for more than five years, she suddenly could read the numbers and letters. “When I realized I could see the license plates, we started walking around the neighborhood reading them,” said Belton, recalling the excitement she and her fiancee felt at that moment. “We drove around and [...]

Genomics Researchers Unveil Road Map to Disease Origin

Researchers are one step closer to understanding the genetic and biological basis of diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's and rheumatoid arthritis -- and identifying new drug targets and therapies -- thanks to work by three computational biology research teams from the University of Arizona Health Sciences, University of Pennsylvania and Vanderbilt University. The researchers' findings -- a method demonstrating that independent DNA variants linked to a disease share similar biological properties -- were published online in the April 27 edition [...]

The Right Place at the Right Time – A Personal Story

I marvel sometimes at the confluence of forces that brought me to where I am today – co-founder of Bioscience Americas and participant in my company’s efforts to be a leading provider of innovative and life enhancing healthcare therapies. It was a little more than two years ago that I teamed with Eric Stoffers and Tim Kopatich to create Bioscience Americas. Through contacts we nurtured, we were able to meet and get to know a group of biomedical scientists [...]