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Bioscience Americas

Biosence Americas has harnessed more than $400 million and more than fifteen years of adult stem cell research and treatment experience to make it available to patients worldwide.

In partnering with the Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research (GIOSTAR), our efforts are focused on building stem cell rejuvenation and regeneration wellness centers in the Central American market, South American market and North American market. Our vision is to open wellness centers on all five continents.

GIOSTAR is recognized as one of the world’s leading stem cell research consortiums with relationships with major universities throughout the world.

Our association with GIOSTAR continues to benefit from more than $50 million annually in research grants, endowment contributions and legislative appropriations. This financial commitment assures that on-going research will continue to enable the Bioscience Americas and GIOSTAR team to provide the latest in FDA approved treatment protocols and clinical trial participation.