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Fight Aging

As noted recently by the research group Fight Aging, stem cell research is an enormous field these days. Not a week goes by without the demonstration of some new advance, most of which now skate beneath the notice of the public, and yet as recently as ten years ago would have been major milestones in and of themselves.

The wondrous becomes prosaic very quickly indeed in this age of rapid, revolutionary progress in biotechnology. The stem cell field is perhaps the only area of medical science important to human longevity that needs little help in meeting the goals needed to reverse the effects of aging on cell populations. Funding is easily raised, there are many researchers with the necessary skills and interest to participate, and the most obvious and lucrative applications for stem cell therapies involve treating degenerative conditions of aging. Researchers are thus set on a course that requires them to find out how to repair loss of stem cell function with age in order for these therapies to work effectively in old people.

Stem cell research is a shining example of a successful field of medical research. If we are to see meaningful progress in the other necessary portions of longevity science, however, aging research in general must grow to become as large and as energetic a field as stem cell science, and a research community that is just as motivated to find practical clinical therapies

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