High Performance

Who is Bioscience High Performance?

Bioscience Americas ...Solutions for a Healthier World.


Our Orthopedic Division Bioscience High Performance is the Bioscience Americas division devoted to treating orthopedic injuries

At Bioscience High Performance, our mission is to provide solutions for a healthier world… We achieve our mission by providing exceptional care for all of our patients and we help keep costs affordable. Instead of steroids or oral pain medications, we provide stem cell therapy. Our scientific team is world class and we have a wealth of healthcare experience.

As the populations in our target markets age, more and more people will experience pain in their knees, shoulders, and other joints. Our autologous, or adult, stem cell protocols can treat these problems with FDA sanctioned clinical studies. What’s more, many active people and amateur and professional athletes suffer from sports injuries. Our treatments and protocols will be able to get them “back on their feet” in no time and without resorting to potentially harmful surgery or the use of addictive pain medications. These treatment opportunities represent a huge market for Bioscience Americas and our investors.

We don’t want you to live with severe pain or discomfort. Schedule an appointment with us today. We are a leading provider of Regenerative Medicine globally, and our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service every single time. We want you to leave our clinic feeling confident that you are in caring and capable hands. We look forward to speaking with you.