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Ahmedabad Hospital

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We opened our first stem cell treatment center at Saviour Hospital in Ahmedabad, India. Since then, we have treated almost 5,000 patients suffering from life-threatening autoimmune diseases at this location.

Designed by a leading architectural firm and our skilled team of scientists, physicians, nurses, and staff, we are truly a place dedicated to healing.

The facilities architectural design brings the outside world in through large sunlit windows located throughout the building. Soft, warm colors and artwork provide a comfortable, healing environment for patients and their families. The effective use of color is also incorporated in the surgical suites, creating a calming effect for patients.

The GIOSTAR-Saviour Hospital is a multi-specialty, high-tech tertiary care facility with nine floors and can accommodate up to 125 patients.

The Hospital offers six technologically advanced modular operation theatres, an emergency operation theatre, fifty private intensive care units (ICU) plus an intensive critical care unit (ICCU), as well as CT SCAN and consulting rooms incorporating the latest medical technology.

Aesthetically designed in-patient and outpatient care facilities, focusing on the comfort and safety of patients and their families, complement the overall design.

A technologically advanced centralized air conditioning system incorporating a periodic “Fresh Air Push” through an additional duct system refreshes all areas of the building to prevent infection.

The Hospital employs a pneumatic transfer system for instant and automated transport of medicines and essential goods to operation theatres and to other locations in the building.

Six renal dialysis units and 24-hour ICCU monitoring round out its roster for modern features.