Operating Model

Operating Model

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GIOSTAR R&D: A Unique Approach for Success

GIOSTAR’s operating model is designed to ensure strong alignment between the Worldwide R&D group and the commercial businesses.

The R&D group is responsible for potential therapies from discovery through the proof of concept stage. The focus of GIOSTAR’s early research is to develop potential new and important treatment and therapy protocols for patients. Bioscience Americas is engaging in collaborations to help drive early stage pre- proof of concept research efforts and to expedite the translation of scientific knowledge into potential next generation therapies.

Throughout the research and development continuum, GIOSTAR’s several research units and business unit, Bioscience Americas, are supported by multiple partner lines that are responsible for designing and optimizing our protocols and technologies. These partner lines include Medicinal Chemistry, Stem Cell Sciences, Molecular Biology, Protein Biochemistry, Regulatory and Development Operations. The partner lines possess critical expertise intended to optimize each therapy for patients and the marketplace.