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Sam Zell Invests More Than $175 Million in Colombia

Crain’s Chicago Business recently reported that Chicago real estate mogul Sam Zell has his eye on investment opportunities outside of the United States.

“Probably the number one country in the world, in my opinion, for investment today would be Colombia”, he said.

Colombia has benefitted significantly from free trade and has ramped up oil production in recent years.

Mr. Zell was one of nine high-profile professional investment managers gathered in Chicago to offer snippets of advice at the Sixth Annual Invest for Kids conference.

The charitable event draws different big names every year but Mr. Zell’s input is a constant. Organizers say Mr. Zell was the first person invited to present in 2009 when the conference debuted.

Mr. Zell’s interests have invested more than $175 million (USD) in Colombia.

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